Musician or Doctor?
This is the question that manifested for “AdaZor” at the age of 24, after he had already completed 10 semesters of medical studies.

His musical journey began very early when he received an accordion from his father for his 8th birthday. By 10 years old, he already mastered this instrument so virtuously that he founded a 5-member school band. At the age of 14, he expanded his art with a small home organ, piano, guitar and soon he performed (vocals and instruments) at parties, weddings and smaller concerts.

Music was his “secret love” as also being an acedemic, he graduated from high school and enrolled in medical school. He paid for his tuition fees by performing in the hottest clubs in the evenings but after completing 10 semesters his destiny took over his fate and he made the decision to become a professional musician. He has toured Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Germany with the popular and successful band “Lovers”. Following his musical heart and passion led AdamZ, whose real name is Zoran Adamoski, to Bavaria.

It was here that destiny further led him to fall madly in love with a Bavarian girl and since then he has made Bavaria his home. With the “Manyanas” Band from Munich, he performed both instrumentally and vocally at numerous galas and folk festivals throughout Europe. Occasionally he makes musical trips to Dubai, Los Angeles, Tirana, Croatia and Italy.

Adam is a seasoned multi-instrumentalist playing keyboards, guitar, trumpet, drums and harmonica just to name a few. He also has mastered the art of the “head voice”, which enables him to cover the Bee Gees from the “good old days” with remarkable similarity. His voice is strikingly similar to Barry Gibb’s. He sings in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Yugoslavian and German.


Als ich im Alter von ca. 25 Jahren bemerkte, dass es mir leicht fiel mit Kopfstimme zu singen, entdeckte ich gleichzeitig meine Leidenschaft für die Bee Gees. Auf der einen Seite war ich sehr erstaunt, auf der anderen Seite freute ich mich über diese genetische Segnung, der Falsett Stimme. Ich übte also zusammen mit meiner Band Hit für Hit von den Bee Gees ein und wir alle, also die gesamte Band und ich, waren zufrieden und erstaunt zugleich, dass meine Stimme eine frappierende Ähnlichkeit mit der Stimme von Barry Gibb aufwies. Nach und nach perfektionierte ich diese Art zu singen, bis es nicht einmal mehr mir gelang einen Unterschied herauszuhören. Heute kann ich mit Fug und Recht behaupten, dass ich in der Lage bin die Bee Gees dermaßen perfekt zu covern, dass kaum jemand unterscheiden kann, ob es sich um das Original handelt oder gecovert ist. Meine absoluten Lieblingslieder der Bee Gees sind: Too much heaven, Love you inside out, Nights on Broadway

jedoch bin ich auch in der Lage fast das gesamte Songrepertoire der Bee Gees vollständig zu covern.

Die Anfänge meiner Bee Gees Cover Karriere sind nun schon über 25 Jahre her, doch nach wie vor begeistert diese Gruppe mich wie am ersten Tag und ich verbringe viel Zeit damit einfach Bee Gees zu singen.

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